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How this supplier reached over 1500 orders for his kickass tees on Spocket, with zero effort

Isha Mandloi

A few months ago, Moeez Javed Rizvi reached out to Spocket with the aim of expanding his business to newer regions. He had just set up a manufacturing unit in the US, and while researching ways to increase sales, struck the concept of dropshipping.

Spocket offered the right combination of low effort and optimistic returns that he was looking for. With B2C, he was spending quite some funds on marketing--with Spocket, he could make extra on the side with no additional effort. Retailers who sold his product would be running ads and marketing the product, while all he had to do was ship the product to the customer.

This was perfect.

Spocket and Moeez were going to be the perfect fit.

But let us rewind a bit to Moeez’s product and the beginning of his brand.

The seeds of the business are sown

The year was 2012, and the country of Pakistan had endured heavy floods. Moeez Javed Rizvi, a design student, decided to raise money for the flood victims by selling print-on-demand T-shirts. The mechanism of it had been already set into motion: the manufacturing unit, the process around production and distribution were all ready.

All he had to do was get those orders.

He decided to email 100s of newspapers, with complete details of his mission and the launch date of his store.

27 April 2012.

Over 500 orders made their way to his store on the very first day. He had 16 T-shirts ready: expecting a low response. Blown away by the number of orders, he spent the following days on calls, making arrangements.

This was influencer marketing for 2012, and it worked. While he had decided to produce T-shirts simply to provide assistance to victims of the floods, the continued brilliant response for his products nudged him to a full-fledged business.

Moeez, ready to get down to business.

Once Moeez had graduated and business in Pakistan was flourishing, he wanted to reach out to new markets abroad.

At this point, he had moved to printing t-shirts full time. He had stabilised his B2C business with a good tidy number of orders coming in within Pakistan. But he wanted ways to scale this, and the obvious solution had popped up.

Selling on Spocket: First steps

He was going to ship to the US and Europe. Searching for an easy transition, he hit upon Spocket. He was looking into different ways people did online retail, and he found dropshipping. Never having heard the term before, he delved into research.

He thought his business would be the perfect backdrop for dropshipping and thus, began looking into apps that allowed suppliers to sell to dropshippers. From all the available options, Spocket seemed the best fit.

Spocket was essentially connecting suppliers to retailers for free: suppliers could list their products on their platform and retailers would sell them. Their focus was on the US and Europe, so this aligned perfectly with Moeez’s goals.

The rest of the process was similar to B2C--packaging and shipping! Moeez spent a night learning about the dropshipping model, and then applied for a spot on the website. Mannat, the supplier relationship manager for Spocket responded once she had gone over his documents and inventory.

Two interviews, a few emails and a couple test orders later, he had been approved as a seller on Spocket. The main criteria was to test out the quality of the products, the shipping time and the packaging. Once all the logistics were worked out, with little hassle, he was ready.

Now, he could start selling his products via a third party retailer.

Scorpius' factory in the US

Moeez says that once he had gotten approved, the process of uploading products was incredibly easy. The tech team of Spocket simply integrated his existing Shopify store to the Spocket platform, which allowed him to sit back and wait for the orders. First, a batch of his products were added to Spocket, and subsequently, all of them were onboarded.

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Once he was onboarded, he was able to view the products that people were pushing most, and the number of shops pushing his products. Sales started off slow, but once all of his products were up on Spocket and he had good exposure, they started picking up pace.

In the meantime, his company received funding from the Idea Croron Ka, the Pakistani version of Shark Tank investors, giving his expansion plans a big push. Their investors Naeem Zamindar and Abdul Rehman Talat were confident that the company was heading towards success. And they were right. This point in Moeez's career coincided with his entry into Spocket: the brand Scorpius was ready to soar.

Printing Awesome Tees.

Working B2B was a new experience for Moeez as they had previously catered to customers directly--but his experience as a direct retailer provided him the knowledge necessary to cater to retailers. The discounts, the marketing material, the photos, the products that sold well--he could maneuver these areas well to offer the best services to Spocket retailers.

As a supplier, he also understood that one issue with an order cost him more than one customer--it cost him a business that sold his products to numerous customers. While the requirements for on time deliveries and consistent quality were more stressed in B2B, he could relax with the advertising and support.

He has now about 1570 orders with more than 7000 retailers selling his T-shirts. He also jumped into home decor and mugs recently, which is giving a huge boost to his sales in 2019. Scorpius ships to countries all over the world--from two warehouses: Pakistan and the United States, and Moeez spends 6 months in each country, overlooking the operations.

When asked the most surprising place he has shipped a product to, Moeez immediately responded with ‘White House’. The company received an order from the very White House that the President of the United States resides in.

Helping the needy has always been a part of his business--his company ran a huge campaign back in 2012 where 43% of all T-shirt proceeds went to Thalassemia patients, to promoting art in Pakistan or to the education of kids depending on the T-shirt you bought.

Helping hand, the campaign.

Orders on Spocket appear on his store just as any other orders do, at an extremely reduced cost of acquisition so it is simple and easy to fulfil them. No complicated processing procedures--and as Spocket grows, so does his own business.

B2B as an experience

His business has allowed Moeez to make over 10,000 dollars in profit every month--but he is determined to scale it further and Spocket is his companion in the process. Over the years, he has also begun sublimation printing along with direct printing which essentially means that the cloth is stitched into a T-shirt or hoodie post printing, rather than printing being the last part of the process.

He finds being on the B2B as well as the B2C side of things most insightful. Observing trends in the industry has become easier. He says that athleisure is in: and with that, he rolls out new designs every few weeks for retailers on Spocket. Supplier showcases and product displays sent to retailers every week ensure that products receive the visibility they deserve.

His only advice to newer suppliers out there is: Make sure the pictures of your products are great. He has seen a huge correlation between the quality of the photos and the number of sales the product gets.

Small and big details about products and their features, obtained through Spocket, help him modify and equip his brand to beat the competition.

Moeez, at Startup Istanbul.

During his time with Spocket, Moeez’s company has ballooned, and today, he plans on collaborating with manufacturers in Europe as well, so that deliveries can be speeded up to 5-7 days. Automation is the key, he says.

One thing we can say confidently: He is one person in the print-on-demand field that competitors need to look out for.

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Isha Mandloi

Isha is a content creator at Spocket. She is passionate about helping entrepreneurs build and scale their businesses. She creates insightful content focussed on ecommerce, marketing and growth.

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