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5 Easy Steps to Grow Your Traffic By Engaging With Your Customers

Aida Kubatova

It’s well-known that growing your traffic is a fundamental part of running an online business. You need a constant flow of visitors coming to your website every day in order to keep increasing sales to your current customers and have new potential customers to engage with. However, attracting visitors to your website is not as easy as it seems and requires regular work.

According to SitePoint only 25% of all websites across the internet get more than 5000 unique visitors each month, which leads us to the other 75% of the web that isn’t reaching anywhere near, meaning they are losing their money potential, and that is pretty devastating. 

So how can you join these successful 25% and make sure your sales keep growing and your business keeps flourishing. Well, here’s the answer:

Everything Starts with a Customer

“The more you engage with customers the clearer things become and the easier it is to determine what you should be doing.”John Russell.

Customer engagement is an important connection between your business and your customers. Highly engaged customers buy more, promote more, and demonstrate more loyalty to your business, that’s why providing an outstanding customer experience is now one of the primary concerns in order to have customers engaged. Customers are getting smarter and quicker each day, thanks to the growth of digital marketing and social media. So to involve more customers in their business, brands all over the world are coming up with different customer engagement strategies every day.

customer engagement

The main goal of every customer engagement strategy is to get an emotional connection with customers and encourage them to involve themselves with your brand. Customer engagement also works as a metric for your business that can show the quality of your customer experience and how loyal your customers are. 

There are already many successful customer engagement examples that you can use to create a thriving customer engagement strategy for your business. You can look up to major brands and form a strategy that would fit your business. Big brands use everything from funny and sassy social media responses to advertising through influencers. And let’s not forget that personalized emails with discounts and vouchers will always inspire loyalty and affection in customers.

This post is all about helping you to increase customer engagement in order to grow organic traffic to your online store by getting a grip on these examples of successful customer engagement strategies. And after analyzing I chose these 5 easy steps how to grow your traffic by engaging with your customers:

1. Let’s Get Social

Social media basically is an online society these days. According to Nielsen total audition report for the whole year of 2018, adults spend nearly half a day interacting with media. But in today’s social networking era you probably won’t even be surprised to see these numbers.

time spent by platform

Interacting with customers on social media platforms is one of the most used customer engagement strategies for all types of businesses. I mean it’s pretty obvious that social media is the main key to engaging more of your customers with you and an effective way to drive organic traffic to your website. And here are some tips on how to use social media platforms to engage with your customers. 

First things first - you need to choose the right social media as there are so many social media platforms with millions of users, so it’s important to choose the right one that suits your business.

If you’re just entering the world of social media for your business, it’s more likely that you’re only considering the most popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

These are perfect and I would also say necessary for all types of businesses, but there are also some other platforms you should also pay attention to, for example, Pinterest, Snapchat and Reddit. Each of them offers different things for your business: Pinterest is more of a visual content platform, Snapchat is for short videos about your brand, and Reddit is where you can share your knowledge of the product and reach a targeted community that is interested in this particular industry.

social networks

As I mentioned above, nowadays social media giant Instagram is one of the essential parts for eCommerce. To make customer’s shopping experience easy and comfortable this year Instagram introduced “Checkout on Instagram”, which allows online shops to set up a shopping experience right on the platform. This feature makes shopping really fast and convenient for customers and gives online stores a new channel for sales. 

Being real and personal with your social media audience is one of the best customer engagement strategies for higher conversion. It’s important to continuously engage with your audience and keep your customers interested in the content you provide. But remember, too much self-promotion doesn’t provide enough engagement, you need to really connect with your customers, listen to their voice and answer their questions. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, try posting interesting content, connect with customers and answer their questions personally, and don’t be a robot with automatic replies, be a human, customers feel that. Know your followers on each platform, it will help with analyzing who is your real customer and what demographic groups are interested in your products, this information will be useful for future marketing planning.

Social media is a unique world, where you can engage directly with your target audience and improve the experience people have with your brand. Remember, each click from social media pages brings traffic to your store, so use it as productively as you can.

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2. True Power of Inbound Marketing

Create content. Publish content. Amplify content. Repeat.

Another great customer engagement strategy, that in my personal opinion brings the most traffic to your website, is inbound marketing. There are a lot of different channels for inbound marketing and let’s talk about the most suitable channels for eCommerce.

Engaging with other communities in order to expand your brand’s name and grow your reputation in multiple groups of people brings a lot of traffics which will eventually convert on your website. For example, you can start guest blogging. Blogs have a major influence on the online market and society today. People search for information on blogs and other informative websites, so make sure that your blog post contains informative content and tips about your industry or what the target audience wants. Also, forums are a great channel to reach your audience. you can answer questions related to your products on Quora, talk about your industry on Reddit. Show your knowledge and people will trust you and your brand more and become your loyal customers.

If you have an opportunity to create promotional or explainer video - do it. According to Wyzowl, half of a billion people watch videos on social media every day and soon video traffic will represent 80% of all consumer online traffic.

My personal favorite one is Dollar Shave Club’s explainer video that went viral, gaining over 26 million views on YouTube.

dollar shave

YouTube already has over a billion users and creates massive traffic every day from all over the world. As I mentioned earlier, you need to provide informative content to get more viewers. Show how to use your products and tell them the story of your business, or make a funny video and go viral. Anyways, all videos get lots of attention and may bring major traffic to your website.

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.” 

— Seth Godin

3. Do Not Ignore Email Marketing

Email marketing is an inexpensive and powerful tool to reach your customers. Doing it the right way can take your business to the next level, grow customer engagement with your brand and generate an uptick in website traffic. It may be a friendly email reminder about a new service or product for your existing customers or promotional email to attract new targeted audience’s attention. Properly written emails may create your brand’s awareness and build loyalty and trust among your customers. But make sure the recipients get emails related to their needs and not something that would like “spammy” emails. That’s why it’s better to send personalized emails. 

email marketing

It takes more time but your online store will receive at least 25% higher conversions and even higher traffic from the same. Today a bunch of Shopify apps has features like automated emails to send out these kinds of emails in order to save you time, and one of the most effective ones is an all-in-one marketing platform Growave. Its automated emails work as a reminder to purchase things that customers liked or will need in the future. For example, if your store’s visitor viewed some items and put them on a wishlist but never bought it, Growave will send a friendly reminder about the items he liked. There are different types of emails that could be sent out to a potential customer:

product reviews

Those emails have a high rate of openings and usually turn a one-time visitor into a customer. So do not underestimate the power of email marketing, keep updating your email list by asking your visitors to sign up and reach out to more potential customers.

4. Let’s Talk Influencers 

They say that one of the best ways to promote your business in 2019 is influencer marketing. It a great way to gain new customers because influencers have already built their user base for you, who are ready to buy your products and services. But how can you know which influencer has the right audience for your brand? To make your life easier and save you time and money, there’s a bunch of influencers marketing platforms like Upfluence and Openinfluence that can find a suitable influencer for your business to collaborate with, help you manage your campaigns and track and analyze the results.

Influencer marketng is basically using the influencers’ power to show the targeted audience your products and services. It became a popular marketing strategy because it brings major audience’s attention without the need for manual marketing tasks. It is also one of the most effective forms of marketing for SEO. This happens because links from influencers’ websites and social media pages have significantly high authority. 

Let’s talk about its many benefits. The world of SEO requires high-quality backlinks now and as I mentioned before, influencers’ traffic is exceptional. It’s not because of the number of their followers, each influencer has its own set of followers that converts very well. It may consist of millions or just a few thousand followers, but those few thousand are extremely targeted. You can give an influencer a coupon or discount code, use the referral or affiliate program, or just make the promotion of your brand via a post. Whatever way you will choose, you will notice traffic growth right away and realize that it’s never been easier to reach the required audience than using influencer marketing. 

5. Gamification - contests, giveaways, and sweepstakes

There is something about giveaways, sweepstakes, and contests that sparks people’s eyes and drives them for action. They recently have become a key customer growth strategy for a lot of online businesses. Great offer + targeted audience = successful and effective tool to engage with your potential customers and generate leads. 

giveaway alert

You can offer an amount of money or a set of products and choose what do customers need to do in order to participate in your contest or giveaway. There are so many options for how to run a successful giveaway. It can be just as easy as adding a customer’s email to the list or make it harder by adding some challenge. Anyways, people love the idea of getting free stuff. So use giveaway marketing to spread the word about your products, reach new customers and increase your traffic and sales.

Well, all I can add to this is that there are many other ways to engage with your customers in order to grow traffic to your website. These mentioned 5 steps are probably the easiest and don’t require too many investments, mostly it requires your time and your knowledge. Try using these strategies and you will notice a huge impact immediately. Join that 25% of the websites that get enough unique visitors each month, convert each visitor into a customer and keep your sales increasing and your business prospering!

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Aida Kubatova

Aida Kubatova is a Content Strategy Manager at Growave. She believes in the power of eCommerce and loves online shopping herself. Every day she creates useful content to help entrepreneurs around the world learn more about the latest news and innovations from the world of Digital Marketing and eCommerce in order to grow their online business and, of course, sales.

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